We started this journey to feed our family, we continue this journey to help feed yours.

We hope that you join us!

Meet Your Farmers

Tom & Cathy

Upon retiring from the Maine Warden Service after a 32 year long career, Tom knew he would need to find something to fill his time and keep him active. As the third generation owner of beautiful farm land in Mt. Vernon, farming was the natural reach. And so it began by buying two pregnant females and two young heifers.

As Tom’s dedication and efforts grew with his herd, Cathy started to take on farm responsibilities as well. With her retirement in 2016, getting her hands dirty became a much more common occurrence! On the farm, Cathy might be best known for her raspberry picking abilities (have we mentioned PYO raspberries during the summertime….), but if you are lucky enough to try some of her raspberry jam, you’ll certainly keep coming back for more!

Jana & Justin

Looking for an engrained life of sustainability, it is natural for Jana and Justin to be interested in helping run the farm. Nurse by day, side-kick by night, Jana has been an important factor in building the customer base and figuring out how to share our product. Deputy by day, jack-of-all trades by night, Justin has naturally gravitated towards learning the day-to-day happening on the farm and looks forward to apprenticing with Tom over the coming years! At their home near Damariscotta, Jana and Justin have started their path towards sustainability by raising and butchering their own meat birds, raising pigs and tending laying hens. They recently have started coursework in permaculture and hope to add its theory to their home in Mt. Vernon (watch for their blog as they redo a nearby farmhouse and thoughtfully design their landscape).

Sides of Beef

We currently sell our beef by the portion (whole, 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8) for $5.50 per hanging pound.

Our cows typically weight 700-800 pounds….what does this mean for you?

1/4 is usually around 100 pounds of clean meat and costs around $1000

…$10/pound of grass-fed hamburger is definitely comparable to grocery stores, $10/pound ribeye or N.Y. Sirloin definitely beats grocery store prices- AND you know where your beef is coming from!


Beef CSA

Don’t have freezer space for a portion of our beef?……

We are happy to announce starting this spring (2018), we will be offering our beef CSA style with bi-weekly pick-ups in Mt. Vernon, Nobleboro and Portland Maine.

  • One share: Each animal will be evenly distributed into 16 portions (approximately 30-35 pounds of take-home meat total)
  • One share will feed 3-4 people once per week or 1-2 people two times per week
  • Cuts will include everything from hamburger to ribeye to roasts.
  • Certain parts will not be included in the CSA (such as the brisket, bones, organ meat, etc.) but can be ordered ahead of time and delivered with the CSA.

We have 32 shares available to start July 2018. Shares will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis- SO SIGN UP NOW!

Click for more information and to sign-up! Jacobs Cattle Farm CSA